Simon Corbillé

PhD in Computer Science
IRISA, Université de Rennes, France


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I completed my master degree in computer science at PolyTech Tours (France) in 2017. After, I worked as a research engineer in the IRISA laboratory in Rennes (France) on the development of geometry learning software during 2 years in IntuiDoc team. Afterwards, I received my PhD in the field of children's handwriting analysis under the supervision of Eric Anquetil (IntuiDoc team) and Elisa Fromont (Lacodam team). I am currently pursuing a Postdoc in Luleå University of Technology (Sweden) on handwriting recognition topic in the Machine learning team.

Keywords: Handwriting Recognition and Segmentation, R-CNN object detector, Seq2Seq, French Children Handwriting, Education


Research engineer: geometry learning software

We focus on geometry learning support on tablet for middle-school children. The goal is to propose an e-learning system to help the autonomy of the child with a personalized course. We have designed IntuiGeo, an Intelligent Tutoring System which allows the child to draw freely geometric figures by simulating the traditional pen and paper approach. IntuiGeo interprets, on the fly, the child’s sketches, allowing for a real-time user interaction, and visual, corrective or guidance feedback interventions, in order to enhance the child’s learning performance.
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Integrating Explicit Knowledge with Deep Learning for Children's Handwriting Recognition and Segmentation


Véronique EGLIN - Professeure, INSA de Lyon
Harold MOUCHERE - Professeur, Nantes Université
Sébastien ADAM - Professeur, INSA de Rouen
Nicolas RAGOT - MdC, HDR, Université de Tours
Elisa FROMONT - Professeure, Université de Rennes
Eric ANQUETIL - Professeur, INSA de Rennes


Our goal is to design a tool for children's handwriting recognition and segmentation in order to accurately analyze the handwriting and provide immediate orthographic feedback to the child. The contributions of this thesis are based on the hybridization of deep learning models with models using explicit expert knowledge. The first contribution consists in integrating the writing dynamics of the online signal in a convolutional neural network for character recognition. The second contribution concerns the improvement of an existing word analysis system. This system uses a guidance mechanism based on the instruction and the words phonetically close to the instruction. It integrates the prediction of a Seq2Seq recognition model into the guidance system. The objective is to overcome the shortcomings of the guidance mechanism when the input words contain non-phonetic errors. The third contribution proposes a new recognition and segmentation framework. It is based on the combination of a model dedicated to recognition and a model dedicated to segmentation. The system also integrates the knowledge contained in the online signal in order to improve the accuracy of the segmentation. Finally, we have developed a rejection mechanism to improve the quality of the feedback given to the child. The results of the experiments demonstrate the interest and efficiency of these contributions.

Publications and communications


Article in an international peer-reviewed conference

[1] Simon Corbillé, Elisa Fromont, Eric Anquetil, Pauline Nerdeux. Integrating Writing Dynamics in CNN for Online Children Handwriting Recognition. 17th International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition (ICFHR), Sep 2020, Dortmund, Germany.

Best Poster Award
[2] Simon Corbillé, Elisa Fromont, Eric Anquetil. Precise Segmentation for Children Handwriting Analysis by Combining Multiple Deep Models with Online Knowledge. The 17th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR). August 2023, San José, California, USA

Article in an international peer-reviewed journal

[3] Omar Krichen, Simon Corbillé, Eric Anquetil, Nathalie Girard, Elisa Fromont, Pauline Nerdeux. Combination of explicit segmentation with Seq2Seq recognition for fine analysis of children handwriting. International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition, 2022

Communication at the SIFED symposium in France without proceeding

[4] Simon Corbillé, Eric Anquetil, Elisa Fromont. Hybridation d'approches «transparentes» et basées «Deep Learning» pour l'analyse automatisée de productions graphiques d'élèves dans le contexte de l'éducation. SIFED 2020 - Symposium International Francophone sur l’Ecrit et le Document, Jul 2020, En ligne.

[5] Simon Corbillé, Elisa Fromont, Eric Anquetil. Recognition and segmentation of children handwriting. SIFED 2022 - Symposium International Francophone sur l’Ecrit et le Document, Oct 2022, Rennes, France.

Research engineer

[6] Simon Corbillé, Éric Anquetil, Omar Krichen, Nathalie Girard, Mickaël Renault. ”IntuiGeo” : Editeur de figures géométriques à main levée pour l’apprentissage de la géométrie sur tablette. IHM 2018: 30eme conférence francophone sur l’interaction homme-machine, Oct 2018, Brest, France.